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v. 1.5.0

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What is Custom Listing App?

It’s a mobile app developed using the new Ionic 5 technology, it’s totally integrated with MyListing theme, easy to be used, and customisable. Do not require any line of code to be written and do not require for users to compile/build the code

What's new

What's new on v. 1.3.0

What's new on v. 1.2.0

Our idea

is to provide a service without asking you to develop or to know coding. We think about the app, the updates and the publishing (optional), you have just to thinking about customisations in an easy way

Easy to be used

Unique features


iOS and Android

Demo available on

Download now the app, try it and tell us what do you think about it on our Facebook Group.

Save your time

with our extra services

1 $
iOS Publishing service
  • Building the app
  • We publish for you the iOS app on App Store 
  • Signature service if needed
  • Save your time
  • For the iOS app version
1 $
Android Publishing service
  • Building the app
  • We publish for you the Android app on Play Store
  • Signature service if needed
  • Save your time
  • For the Android app version


  • We can customise your app
  • Customise the View
  • Customise the Services
  • Prices changes based on the request
  • Building and Publishing Services included 

Custom Listing App Features

Modern design and easy to be used


Cache System

for data and images, speed improvements, less load on the server


No Coding Required

request your app via plugin, receive the link to download the app/apk file


UI Customizations

via plugin, recompilation/pubblishing no required for each change

MyListing full integration

MyListing integration

Set your listings type fields on MyListing option template, it will be automatically applied to the Custom Listing App: NO FIXED FILTERS. The filters change based on the settings on your MyListing website.

Easy to customise

Use the plugin to customise the app: change the home page style, the listing page one, the listing list template, the primary and background color and more. Save your changes and let the apps update automatically. No needs of coding or to publish the update to app stores.


All done via our Plugin, no code

Airbnb style homepage


MyListing style homepage


List view search page


Squared view search page


Change your main color

Change your details

Flat style action buttons

Full style action buttons

Change the tab icons

Change the primary color

Services designed for you

We want to help you to increase your business, to do so we designed services to help you publishing your app as soon as possible.

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