How to change custom page and custom tab icon

Last Updated On July 17, 2019
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To change it you can use our plugin providing the page ID of the custom page you want to insert OR the URL. The ID of a page is the number near the string post= in the url shown when you edit a page. Also the icon of the tab in the app menu can be changed, choose one with FontAwesome.

The format of the icon must be the class name provided by fontAwesome, for example:

So you have to add the string fas fa-star in the relative field on your plugin.

To find the page ID edit the page you want to use, then you can find the ID in the url, e.g.:

in this case the ID is 741.

In case of URL, the page will be shown inside an iframe tag.

Please: remember to use “open in a new tab” option for the links in your custom page. The HTML content of the page will be automatically loaded form the app. The CSS files will be not downloaded too, so please use inline styling.

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