How to install and use Custom Listing App WordPress plugin

Last Updated On June 26, 2021
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It is required to be done the following two steps before the installation of Custom Listing App WordPress plugin:

  1. Set “Post name” in Permalink Settings.
    • Login as an Administrator user.
    • Go to Settings > Permalinks.
    • Select “Post name” in Common Settings area.
  2. Install the following plugins (you can find them on “Add Plugin” on Plugins menu).

Plugin installation

  1. Compress the folder custom-listing-app (final zip file:
  2. Login as an Administrator on WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings -> Plugins.
  4. Click on Add New.
  5. On the loaded page, click on Upload Plugin.
  6. An upload area will appeared, click on Browse, select and click on Install Now.
  7. A successful message will be shown and “Activate Plugin” option is displayed. Please click in this last one.
  8. If everything was done correctly, you should see on the WordPress plugin our plugin.
  9. Enable authentication APIs from JSON API:
    + Click on Settings -> JSON API
    + Click “Activate” link on all End Points which end with “CLA”

Plugin usage

Once the plugin is installed, we could start updating some settings required for the application. In the left menu, click on Custom Listing App Settings option.

The previous option will open the next windows in which we could define what language the app should use, which listing types are going to be displayed and in which order, the title of the app and other configuration fields. Please fill them.

Extra configuration

Please, make sure that the following URL patterns are not intercepted by any other plugin, CDN, or security policy:

  • /wp-json/custom-listing-app/
  • /api/
  • /wp/v2/

For instance, suppose you have installed WP-Rocket so, in order to exclude caching those URLs, follow the next steps:

  • Go to WP-Rocket -> Advanced Rules
  • In the text area “Never Cache URL(s)” add the following entries one per line: /api/(.*), /wp-json/(.*) and /wp/v2/(.*)
  • Click on “Save changes” and click on “Clear Cache” button.

In addition to that, since images are going to be displayed on the application, please make sure the access to images on /wp-content/uploads/ (default path, it may be different depending on where you put your images) is public.

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  1. I have a
    Fatal error: Class ‘MyListing\Ext\Messages\Messages’ not found in /home2/eon280k4/public_html/ on line 12

    My WordPress Theme is Listable, I bought the app template on CodeCanyon

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