Prepare your information for iOS:

Last Updated On September 16, 2020
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Login inside your App Store Connet account, you’ll find yourself into this page:

Press the blue button to create a new App.

After pressing on the blue button, a new page will pop-up:

Press on the link “Certificates, Identifier and Profiles” and you’ll be headed into “AppStore Developer” (Don’t close the previous page, we will need it again later) in a page that will look like this:

Press on “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles” and you’ll reach our final page.
Here open the Identifier tab (on the left) and press to add a new identifier.
Go ahead by selecting:
2) App

Fill the boxes like:
1) Description: Identifier “Name of your app”
2) Bundle ID: com.”name of your app”.cla
And remember to activate Push Notifications.

Now we can get back into the previous App Store Connect page and create our “container of the build” (in this case an empty application without the build yet).
Now that you’ve created it, open our container and lead into “information of your app”, there you can find the ID of your App.

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