Last Updated On March 19, 2021
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Hi, thank you for the purchasing of our app. Follow the next steps to start using your new app. For any problem with the app or the documentation please contact us from the support section.

For each new app code update please repeat all steps. Check here how to update your app.

  1. Download the files from CodeCanyon.

  2. Install and activate our Custom Listing App Plugin on your website and all the required plugins.
  3. Compile and publish the app by yourself OR purchase our Publishing Service.
    Steps for publishing by your own:
    (Active Apple Dev. and Google Dev. accounts are needed)
    1. Install the tools required on your PC to build the app.
    2. Build the app:
      1. Configure your app with your website url and maps provider key, change also the app name and author details.
      2. Change the app name, details, icon and splashcreen.
      3. Test your apps: Run the app on the browser to check if it works as you expected.
      4. Build your app to produce your .apk (Android) and .xcodeproj (iOS) files.
  4. Sign and Publish your app.
    1. Wait for the acceptance of your app from the app stores.
    2. Your app it’s ready to be downloaded: you can now customise it directly on our Plugin, no need to re-build the app (just some fields need a new re-build as: changes of the app code, name of the app, icons, splash screen).
  5. Leave us a 5 ⭐️review on CodeCanyon

2 thoughts on “CLA GUIDE

  1. Do these instructions work on recent (Big Sur) versions of macOS/Xcode 12.5.x?

    I’m encountering multiple issues, all of which seem to relate to out of date build scripts, etc.

    e.g.: “cordova build ios –verbose exited with exit code 65.” whilst running “ionic cordova build ios –prod”

    1. Yes they worked. Please specify better the errors. Also, 90% of the time the errors can be fixed googling them.

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