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Last Updated On April 29, 2020
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You can test your app in 3 different ways:

Via Browser

You can test your app on the browser just running some commands on your shell in the project folder:

ng serve

Or call that command via npm:


then open your browser at that address: http://localhost:4200/. Please use Google Chrome with the Mobile view set on the Console or shrink the window to a mobile size.

Via Ionic DevApp

The Ionic DevApp is a free app that makes it easy to run your Ionic app directly on your iOS or Android device. Download it here, then open on your device:

Download iOS App

Download Android App

To run your app on DevApp, you will first need to add a reference to cordova.js in your index.html file. Open up the file at src/index.html and add the following tag to the bottom of the <head> section: <script src=”cordova.js”></script>

Note: Usually executing the “ionic cordova build” command will add this script tag into the index.html file for us. Since we are skipping that step for simplicity’s sake by using DevApp, we have to do it manually ourselves.

Afterward, open a terminal and navigate to your Ionic project. Execute the following:

ionic serve

In DevApp, you should now see the app appear. If it doesn’t, or there are any issues throughout creating this app, see here.

Via Android Studio and xCode

You can test your app using an emulator of Android or iOS (only for Mac). It requires Android Studio installed with a valid Android SDK and, if you have a Mac, also Xcode. To do so, you have 2 ways:

  1. Via Emulators: Build the Android app compiling the code, then open one of the files contained in the subdirectories of ./⁨platforms⁩/android⁩/⁨app⁩/build⁩/outputs/⁨apk⁩ to Android Studio. Or after the build of the iOS App open in Xcode the file ./platforms/ios/Custom Listing App.xcworkspace and then run the apps in the emulators.
  2. Via real devices: build the apps, then for Android open the apk file to your phone (send it via email, a messaging app, copy it on the memory of your phone, etc..). iOS: connect the phone to your Mac, then follow case 1. and choose at the top bar your phone as Device.

Let us make it for you

If you bought the Building Service we will test for you the Android and iOS apps and we will send you screenshots or questions to check if it will be all ok. Then we will send you the app files.

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  1. Hi, My ng serve command compiles fine but when i go to http://localhost:4200 it says Server not available, try again, Timeout reached. Check your internet connection or the website availability. How do i fix this?

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