When i set my own website URL nothing works. “Server is not available”


The message is \”Server is not available, try again\” (then below Refresh Button).

then this is the actual message.

Timeout reached. Check your internet connection or website availability.

” Browser Console Message:  ” ‘core.js:15714 ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property ‘ID’ of undefined
at SafeSubscriber._next (GlobalFields.ts:204)’

here is the code which returns an empty response

 getAllTypeDetails() {
        let url = Constants.url + Constants.suffix1 + Constants.suffix2CustomApp + ‘types’;
        let cacheKey = url;
        let request = this.http.get(url);
        return this.cache.loadFromObservable(cacheKey, request);
        //return this.http.get(Constants.url + Constants.suffix1 + Constants.suffix2CustomApp + ‘types’);

  • From WordPress back end It is created 3 types of listing PLACE, EVENT ETC.
  • I also select these types in the listings field listing data type.

If I go with the demo URL everything working fine.

Kindly help me in this issue.

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